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The employees always make me feel at ease. They answer my questions with grace and a smile.

Theresa D – 2021
Redhead with laptop by pond

Homer Eyecare is responsive & thorough. All staff are professional, efficient, caring and friendly. My recent visit was for a routine complete annual exam, I did not have to wait and I was done in 45 minutes. Several years ago, I had an emergency issue, they got me in right away and Dr. Peter painlessly removed a tiny piece of glass from my eye. It must have floated in from the air and though scary for me, was handled quickly without damage to my eye. I’m thankful to have Dr. Peter and all his staff in Homer.

Tracie B – 2021

Homer Eyecare has been home base for my eye health and optics for many years now. The service and care are terrific! Dr. Peter is extremely smart, well-trained, thorough, prompt and kind. The sophistication of the in-office technology to screen for, and diagnose, eye diseases and their precursor states, is remarkable and deeply appreciated. The staff all convey a strong message that they are a team committed to me and my community. Responses to my questions and concerns are always sincere and prompt. Between screen time at work, and being out of doors a lot all four seasons, I really push my corrective lenses! I love and rely on all the cool contacts and glasses they have made part of my life over time. Great clinic, great optics shop, great care!!.

Dr Downey – 2021

This was my first visit and I was incredibly pleased with everything— the front staff was so helpful even helped me with questionnaire when it showed I was having a bit of trouble. The Doctor’s assistant explained things as we went thru the tests then after Diagnosis offered to email me some videos to help me understand. The Doctor went thru everything one thing at a time and explained things in a way I could understand — very helpful. I plan on staying with this Doctor and staff.

Paulette E – 2020

Really great care! They helped me out in a huge way when my glasses broke and I didn’t have a spare set. Always honest and willing to talk through your best options for both care and glasses.

Aryn Y – 2020

Homer Eyecare provides the best and most up-to-date services one could hope to find anywhere, but especially in a small town at the end of the road. Optometrist Dr. Peter clearly has a deep knowledge of his work, and he has selected truly excellent staff members to round out the services provided at Homer Eyecare. Very highly recommended by a long-term patient.

Ann & Ron K – 2019

Everyone in office is friendly very helpful and understanding. I appreciated the smiling faces. That makes a happy customer and will share that with family, friends and co workers.

Emiley Sue – 2019

I’ve never experienced better care at the eye doctor then at Homer Eyecare. Wonderful staff. I received my glasses within an hour. Thank you so much!!!!

Hammer Heart – 2019

Dr. Peter and everyone at Homer Eyecare are great! I have been given the most thorough exams and especially appreciate not only the personal care but the detailed explanation of each examination’s result. Thank you all so much!

Gloria S – 2019

Very comprehensive appointment. They explained all that I could have asked before I thought to ask it, and were patient and easy to work with. Dr. Peter is very approachable, and also to the point, he explained everything very comprehensively and was able to easily keep me interested while explaining how my eyes work, what my diagnosis was, and what caused pain or discomfort in my eyes specifically. All in all, 100% worth every penny and every moment there.

Heathyr C – 2018

I’ve been to both eye doctors in town and Homer Eye Care takes the cake by far. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and just overall cool people. Their office is equipped with top of the line technology, and they were able to show me 3D images of my eye conditions. If you are looking for eye care in Homer, this is the place to go.

Cody L – 2018

My kids and I had a very positive experience at Homer Eyecare. It is a family-friendly office. The staff offered crackers, coloring pages, and an iPad to keep the kids entertained while we waited for our appointments. The eye exams were thorough and the doctor carefully explained results and recommendations. I highly recommend Homer Eyecare for families.

Ahnie L – 2018

Staff are kind and helpful, very professional. Dr. Peter is sincere, professional, careful and accurate.
I highly recommend their office for eye care and glasses.

Jackie M – 2019

My visit to Homer Eyecare was well worth the hour and forty-five minute drive. I was blown away by the warmth and friendliness, the knowledge and thoroughness of the staff.

The adage of you can judge an employer by their staff is true of Homer Eyecare. Dr. Peter has surrounded himself with an excellent staff from the wonderful ladies at the front desk to Lanea (spelled her name wrong) his assistant in the exam room, all the way to the young man who assists with ordering glasses. MOST EXCELLENT TEAM!!

At first I thought I wasn’t going to like Dr. Peter; he seemed a bit standoffish. Boy was I wrong! Next to Dr. John Demske is superb!! The man knows his ‘stuff’ and can bring down to the layman’s level. I am so pleased and glad to have him as my new ‘eye guru.’ I am absolutely confident in his knowledge and ability take care of my eyes and eyesight. I look forward to the relationship that has begun between myself and Homer Eyecare.

Joyneather M – 2018

I highly recommend Homer Eye Care. Came in for an appointment for myself and 3 year old and had excellent service. Meghan and Kalliste at the front desk were very helpful and friendly. Lucy took great care of my daughter who was scared of some of the machines. Lucy was gentle with her and even provided her with a snack for being a good girl. Dr. Peter was very informative. Very happy with our service.

Sadie P – 2018

Every time I go to Homer Eyecare, whether for an emergency repair or my annual checkup, I am impressed with the professionalism and the cordiality of the entire staff. They all call me by my first name and are extremely helpful. Frank, in particular, once took time out from his lunch in order to put in some new lenses for my eyeglasses because of a deadline that I had to meet. From Heidi and Dr. Peter on through the entire staff I would rate 5 stars for the customer service I have received every time I visit the Homer Eyecare clinic.

David D – 2018

This review is long overdue. My family started seeing Dr. Peter about two years ago after he helped our then, 6 year old, daughter at the hospital emergency room. He showed great care and concern for her, combined with competence to see her through to complete recovery. I have a history of retinal detachments and other associated eye issues that warrant thorough examination regularly and Dr. Peter always takes the time to ensure everything is as it should be. Furthermore, and not at all less important, is the customer service Homer Eye Care (HEC) provides to our family in all aspects of the experience. Last year, I purchased a pair of glasses in frames that were warranted for life. I work remotely on the Aleutian chain with mail delivery once every 2 weeks and my vision is poor without glasses, so responsiveness to issues is very important to me. I broke that pair of glasses and mailed them back to HEC. They replaced them quickly at no cost to me. Within a few months, I broke the frame that had replaced the original. Through a conversation with the eyeglass technician, he recommended and we agreed, that a stronger, more resilient frame would suit me better. We decided upon a frame from their OVVO line. It required new lenses to be cut and they were treated as I had previously spec’d my original glasses (Transition, anti glare, polished sides, etc….the works). The new glasses arrived quickly and at no charge to me. (THIS IS SIGNIFICANT. THE NEW GLASSES WERE NOT WARRANTIED BY A MANUFACTURER.) HEC helped me beyond their real responsibility. They really impressed me. My biggest shock came one week later, when I received a replacement of the original glasses in new frames like the previous two that I had broken. I called to ask what happened (thinking there was a mix-up). They explained to me that, even though they had provided me with a new pair of glasses that should be much stronger, they still wanted me to have the original pair completely repaired. They could start a side business teaching other businesses how to provide customer service. My family will be patrons for life.

Rob C – 2018

Great service, friendly and professional staff. Reasonable prices.

Living at the end of the road typically means reduced options for service. Homer has a wide breadth of options for goods/services available, but a pretty shallow depth. You can typically find one of something, but often not two and even less often three or more. Eye care’s no exception. Homer Eye Care is the only place I’m aware of in town. When I injured my eye, I crossed my fingers that my only option would be a good one.

On the day of my injury, Dr. Peter squeezed me in despite a full day of appointments. Having a professional begin treatment of my injury the same day it happened without having to drive several hours to do so was fantastic. He very plainly described both the state of affairs in my eye, as well as the treatment options available. He made sure that I knew the decision was mine to make but that his role was to provide the information necessary to make that decision. At the end of my visit I had a good understanding of what happened, the remedy chosen, and what to expect in the future. I left feeling fortunate to have a competent, skilled, professional, kind, and personable doctor available in town.

The nature of my injury and its treatment has necessitated many more visits to the Homer Eye Care office. I’ve had the pleasure of working with nearly everyone in the office. Lucy, Meghan, Linnaea, Dr. Peter, and at least two more whose names I cannot remember – they’re all friendly, knowledgeable, professional.

The cost for service was very fair, and it’s apparent Dr. Peter is concerned about keeping costs down for his customers.

Erik B – 2017

I have worn glasses for over 25 years and this was my best eye exam experience ever! The entire staff was friendly, helpful, informative and competent. And they have very up-to-date technology imaginable. I consider myself lucky to have this type of service here in Homer and would recommend them without reservation.

Carla F – 2017

My daughter was having issues with her vision, according to a few of her school instructors, so we set up an appointment for her with Homer Eyecare. (We ended up getting all family members’ vision checked, lol.) It was our first time with this clinic, as we had used another eye clinic the previous year, and setting up appointments was a breeze, thanks to Lucy Keenan, who also ended up being our technician (very capable “paraoptometric”).

We all finished our eye exams wishing we had gone to Homer Eyecare from the very start. Everyone at the clinic was very helpful, friendly, and skillful. Dr. Peter was very thorough and extensive in explaining our conditions and the possible solutions to each situation. My husband and I were really surprised with the excellent service we got from Jacob, who made sure our eyeglasses were perfect and suited to our needs.

Let’s just say that while we live in town, we won’t be going to any other eye clinic. (And we still very much regret going to a couple other eye centers prior to going to Homer Eyecare, lol.)

Jemima M – 2017

Actually this post is from Linda rather than Tom. It isn’t often you find an office with a top notch optometrist as well professional and first class office staff. That’s what I found at Homer Eyecare. The assistant was thorough, patient, and explained every test done in detail willing to answer all questions. Dr. Peter went far beyond the normal eye exam in answering all my concerns and lending his advice about an additional medical condition that affects my eyes. The receptionist willingly accommodated my changing appointment needs and billing insurance requests …with a smile! I rate Homer Eyecare the best!!

Tom/Linda H – 2017

I’ve never had a better eye doctor! There’s never a long wait, the staff is wonderful, the office is clean and comfortable. My kids are treated very well and enjoy going for exams. I can honestly say I’ve never been more pleased with my eyesight than I am now! Dr. Peter made it possible for me to have excellent vision for the first time in 33 years. It’s been an eye-opening blessing! A new way of looking at life. Truly the best eye Doctor I’ve ever had.

Garnet M – 2017

I was very impressed with the services I received at Homer Eye Care. I had originally used services from both Soldotna and Anchorage for my most previous appointments, so I feel I can compare the services in Homer with first-hand experience. My dilemma was that no one really took the time to examine my eyes, and more importantly, fit me with the correct pair. When I made my appointment at Homer Eye Care, my expectations were minimal, based on ALL my previous dealings with other clinics. I was impressed to find the staff were patient with me, very friendly, and listened to my needs for my eye care. I felt that each member took time to explain everything from how long the appointment would be, what it entailed and even wait times for my glasses. The eye exam was more thorough than any other eye exam I have ever had, and their equipment was up to date (no puffs of air for me!!!). And more than anything, Dr. Peter explained the reasoning behind each test and the results of the tests in a manner that I could understand. After getting my prescription glasses, the staff continued to help with adjustments and have been helpful ever since. Very appreciative of all the staff at the clinic for presenting such a courteous and professional atmosphere! Thank you!!!

Holley H – 2017

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