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Art & Science of Seeing

The Art of Seeing


Originating out of Italy in the 13th century, the first lenses were made by glass blowers and by the 1700’s artisans and jewelers began crafting “hands-free” over-the-ear temple frames out of horn, bone, wood, and metal. Over time, fashion overtook function and glasses became the go-to accessory for accentuating personal style and creating statement pieces.

Today, the art of glasses is to see AND to be seen. Our Optical Shop brings you frames from small, independent family-owned businesses which bring the art of seeing back to life and onto your face. Color, shape, thoughtful and bold lines are all considered in our hand-picked selections. There’s an entire world of style and self-expression at your fingertips – the only question is, “What statement do I want to make?”

The Science of Seeing

Kids conducting an experiment

Ben Franklin created the first bi-focal by cutting two different lenses in half then splicing them together into one frame. In the 1800’s technology brought us a cylindrical lens for correcting astigmatism. Theodore Roosevelt wore glasses that pinched onto his nose with a spring clip and required no temples at all. The invention of plastics opened up a world of color and also brought new design options to glasses.

From lenses that can withstand a nail gun to frames that can tow a float plane – innovation continues to drive the science of seeing. If for you seeing is believing, you’ll want to check out our selection. Let’s find the right science for your specific needs.

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