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My daughter was having issues with her vision, according to a few of her school instructors, so we set up an appointment for her with Homer Eyecare. (We ended up getting all family members' vision checked, lol.) It was our first time with this clinic, as we had used another eye clinic the previous year, and setting up appointments was a breeze, thanks to Lucy Keenan, who also ended up being our technician (very capable "paraoptometric").

We all finished our eye exams wishing we had gone to Homer Eyecare from the very start. Everyone at the clinic was very helpful, friendly, and skillful. Dr. Peter was very thorough and extensive in explaining our conditions and the possible solutions to each situation. My husband and I were really surprised with the excellent service we got from Jacob, who made sure our eyeglasses were perfect and suited to our needs.

Let's just say that while we live in town, we won't be going to any other eye clinic. (And we still very much regret going to a couple other eye centers prior to going to Homer Eyecare, lol.) Jemaima Mc. 2017

I've never had a better eye doctor! There's never a long wait, the staff is wonderful, the office is clean and comfortable. My kids are treated very well and enjoy going for exams. I can honestly say I've never been more pleased with my eyesight than I am now! Dr. Peter made it possible for me to have excellent vision for the first time in 33 years. It's been an eye-opening blessing! A new way of looking at life. Truly the best eye Doctor I've ever had. Garnet M. 2016

Actually this post is from Linda rather than Tom. It isn't often you find an office with a top notch optometrist as well professional and first class office staff. That's what I found at Homer Eyecare. The assistant was thorough, patient, and explained every test done in detail willing to answer all questions. Dr. Peter went far beyond the normal eye exam in answering all my concerns and lending his advice about an additional medical condition that affects my eyes. The receptionist willingly accommodated my changing appointment needs and billing insurance requests ...with a smile! I rate Homer Eyecare the best!! Tom H. 2016

In every way my Homer Eye Care experience was terrific -- courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Recommend to anyone. Michael H., Nov 5, 2015

TL;DR - Great service, friendly and professional staff. Reasonable prices.

Living at the end of the road typically means reduced options for service. Homer has a wide breadth of options for goods/services available, but a pretty shallow depth. You can typically find one of something, but often not two and even less often three or more. Eye care's no exception. Homer Eye Care is the only place I'm aware of in town. When I injured my eye, I crossed my fingers that my only option would be a good one.

On the day of my injury, Dr. Peter squeezed me in despite a full day of appointments. Having a professional begin treatment of my injury the same day it happened without having to drive several hours to do so was fantastic. He very plainly described both the state of affairs in my eye, as well as the treatment options available. He made sure that I knew the decision was mine to make but that his role was to provide the information necessary to make that decision. At the end of my visit I had a good understanding of what happened, the remedy chosen, and what to expect in the future. I left feeling fortunate to have a competent, skilled, professional, kind, and personable doctor available in town.

The nature of my injury and its treatment has necessitated many more visits to the Homer Eye Care office. I've had the pleasure of working with nearly everyone in the office. Lucy, Meghan, Linnaea, Dr. Peter, and at least two more whose names I cannot remember - they're all friendly, knowledgeable, professional.

The cost for service was very fair, and it's apparent Dr. Peter is concerned about keeping costs down for his customers. Eric B. 2017

From the moment I walked in the door and saw the electronic form, I realized there was far more to Homer Eye Care than just it being another pretty optical store. Excellent technology paired with an extremely knowledgeable doctor & superbly trained staff made my visit one of the best ever. Kudos to all - never thought I'd say this, but I'm already looking forward to next year's exam. Very impressed -Competence supreme! Catherine C., Oct 29, 2015

The office staff is friendly. The Dr. is extremely knowledgeable. He explains everything really well. He's very detail oriented and he cares about his patients. The best I have been to. I highly recommend Dr. Andrew Peter. Tabe-Aulikki, K., Oct 25, 2015

Megan is wonderful and courteous! She is a delight to see during our visits. Always enthuseastic and energetic. She brightened my day! Katherine, T. Sep 12, 2015