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Optical Shop

Homer Eyecare operates an optical shop conveniently located at our office. We offer a full line of prescription glasses, sunglasses, sport glasses, safety glasses, and even swim goggles. We are committed to providing high quality, stylish eyewear at affordable prices for every one of our patients.

Frame Lines

Lindberg - A fully customizable lightweight premium frame with a pure titanium core, handmade in Denmark.

Blackfin - An Italian high-quality titanium frame with a half a millimeter thick temples to maximize comfort.

OGA - A men's frame design with screwless hinges and durable, stainless steel material composition, built in France.

Etnia Barcelona  - Colorful unisex frame designs, beautifully crafted with metal and acetate components.

Koali - A French made woman's frame with bold colors and designs to complement a stainless steel material.

OGI - 21st century frame composition made with Japanese acetate at an excellent cost.

Seraphin - Retro designs from the 60's and 70's make a stylish comeback with quality materials and reimaginings.

OVVO - A superstrong surgical steel titanium blend constructs frame designs that can literally pull cars without breaking.

Vanni - European style influences subtle frame choices designed with quiet elegance in mind.

Bevel Eyewear - Pure titanium frames in strong everyday colors, acetate frames made with the finest Japanese acetate on the market, both put comfort front and center.


In-House Laboratory

We offer an in-house laboratory for edging multi-focal and single vision lenses, performing complex eyewear repair and troubleshooting optical problems. We can also provide our patients with a full set of frames and Single Vision lenses the same day, given we have your prescription in stock.


Hoya Vision 

When we introduce a new company, be it lenses or frames, into the family of Homer Eyecare products, we have an expectation of product quality and service that runs in line with our core values. In line with our values, we will never stop looking for the best in the business lens and frame producers, and take efforts to put them in your line of sight.

Hoya Vision is a very respectable laboratory based out of various locations in the USA. In order to provide the best and timely delivery to our fellow Alaskans, we have been working tightly with Hoya Vision Seattle. Hoya Vision focuses on continuous improvement and the application of new lens technologies. We at Homer Eyecare have an expectation that every one of our patients' lenses be thoroughly customized and designed to contour to your vision problems, and correct them to the best of our ability. Using the best lens surfacing equipment in the business, Hoya Vision takes continuously great strides to create simply the finest, clearest lenses on the market at extraordinarily competitive costs.  At Homer Eyecare, our diagnostic and analytical equipment are some of the most advanced in the state. We anticipate your satisfaction with our correctional lenses to be in line with the attention to detail you've come to expect in your exams.