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Laser Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery: Initial consultation, Pre- and postsurgical care with Homer Eyecare

Have you ever wondered if you are the right candidate for LASIK surgery? Have you have worn glasses for multiple years, do you spend a lot of time outside and contact lenses are not as comfortable as you'd like them to be? Homer Eyecare can assist you to evaluate if you are the right candidate for Lasik surgery or PRK. Homer Eyecare offers a comprehensive consultation, as well as pre- and post-surgical care for patients who have decided to undergo Lasik surgery or any other type of eye-related surgical procedures.

Only with a comprehensive exam and assessment, can we provide a referral for patients who are interested in Lasik surgery. Not every patient may be a suitable candidate for the procedure. During a thorough exam, we evaluate your eye health and general health condition, we consider a wide set of influential factors that will essentially determine if you are the right candidate for LASIK. Homer Eyecare works with Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute, based out of Anchorage, and can help you schedule and arrange your surgery in the State of Alaska.

After your procedure, Homer Eyecare will provide you with 3 post-surgical follow-up appointments. During these visits, we will monitor and support your progress of recovery.