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What are your hours? We are open Monday through Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 to 5:30 and Thursdays from 9:30 to 5:30.  However, we are open as long as you need us.

Where are you located?
Our address is 3726 Lake Street.  We are located in the Point of View Plaza next to State Farm, AT&T, and Carquest.

What is included in a comprehensive eye exam?
Our exams consist of two parts; the first is to test your vision and determine a prescription if needed to provide you the best possible vision.  The second part includes a thorough eye health examination to assess for any signs of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or any other sight-threatening disease.

How long does an exam take?
Please allow for one hour; the doctor may recommend pupil dilation and other testing which takes additional time.

Do you take Medicaid?
Yes. (Denali Care is also Medicaid)

What insurance do you accept?
We accept most primary and secondary in-state major medical insurances. If we happen to be an out of network provider, we are still happy to provide you services and even extend a 20% day of service discount; all you have to do is bill your insurance personally for reimbursement. Payment/Co-pays are due on the date of service.

How much does my insurance cover?
Every plan is different. If you call the toll-free number on your card, they can tell you your benefits. Please refer to our Insurance Acceptance Policy Sheet to serve as a guide.  The insurance company will provide you more details about your benefits.  If you are having any difficulty, please stop by so we can assist.

Will my insurance cover this?
Perhaps; it depends on your insurance. We will bill your insurance based on historical coverage. However, insurance companies never guarantee payment. To avoid any surprises, we strongly recommend calling the telephone number on the back of your insurance card to verify your current benefits.If you are having any difficulty, please stop by so we can assist.

Why do I have an exam every year?
Your eye examination checks for eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts in order to provide your best vision possible. In addition, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) defines glasses and contact lenses as medical devices, and as such have expirations on their prescriptions.

How long is my glasses/contact prescription good for?
Both glasses and contact prescriptions are valid for one year.

How much do glasses cost?
Prices vary widely depending on brand, lenses, and lens options.  We recommend you speak with our opticians to find a solution which best fits your needs as many times “cheaper” is not always “less expensive”.

Do you carry glasses?
Yes, we have over 600 frames to choose from and an in-house laboratory. We stock sunglasses, sport, and safety eyewear.

Which frame is the most durable?
Lindberg frames are known the world over as some of the highest quality with unmatched comfort and durability.  Ovvo frames are amazingly durable.  With that said, nothing is indestructible.

Are these lenses protected from scratches?
It depends what lens options you choose from. Some patients choose a higher performing coating such as an anti-reflective coating which contributes to a better outcome of your corrected vison and includes a one to two year warranty (lens type dependent) against scratches.  However, no lenses are scratchproof.

How long does it take to get glasses?
We order you personalized frames and lenses as soon as you finalize your choices. The best quality lenses, and coatings are produced in specialized laboratories in the lower 48; you should expect your glasses to be complete in 7-10 business days.

I broke my glasses. Can you fix them?
It depends on what is damaged. You can bring them in any time during business hours and our opticians can assess the damage, and will certainly do our best for repair.

How much are glasses repairs?
Simple repairs such as a new screw or nose pads are usually part of our complimentary dispensing service. Sometimes a specialty part must be ordered and will be priced accordingly. There is an optical adjustment fee for frame and lens repairs not aquired in our optical store.

Can I use my old frame and just get new lenses?
Possible. Bring them in when you have your appointment and the opticians will assess and provide advice.

Can I use a prescription from another doctor to get glasses?
Absolutely, as long as it is not expired. We can also honor faxed prescriptions directly from other doctor’s office.

How much are contacts?
If you are currently wearing contact lenses, the professional fees start at $70 for current patients.  The contacts themselves are in addition.

The fee for new wearers starts at $125; this is a 90 day global fee and includes all additional lens calculations, the doctor’s medical assessment, training, trial lenses, and unlimited office visits until you are successfully fit. Cost of the contact lenses themselves will depend on what style of lens you are prescribed, and how many you order.
Prices for contact lenses vary greatly; once the doctor prescribes the lens which is best for you, we will ensure you get the most competitive price available.If there is anything more complex regarding contacts, please discuss it with our doctors.

Can I order contacts over the phone?

What benefit is there by ordering contacts through you vs. the internet?
We offer select manufacturer rebates for annual and 6 month supply orders.
Fast shipping. If you have your lenses sent to our office, they will be here in less than a week.  We can also send them directly to you.

We double check every box on arrival for correct RX and designate right and left contacts to prevent any confusion.
Ease of return. If you need to return your lenses, say, if your RX changes and you have unopened, unmarked boxes left over, return them to us for an easy refund. Ease of return if there happens to be a manufacturer’s defect.

Aren’t glasses and CL’s Rx the same?
No. The prescriptions differ because contact lenses sit on the eye, whereas the glasses usually sit further away from the eye. Thus, the effective power is different and the doctors need to adjust that power. In addition, the doctor needs to measure the curvature of the cornea for contact lenses to determine the curvature and the size of the lens to prescribe for the patient. In addition, with contact lenses there are risks of infections, ulcers, and other complications which need to be assessed.

Why is the contact lens evaluation separate from the comprehensive eye examination fee?
Most insurance companies require doctors to separate routine comprehensive eye examination fees from any other services performed. More time and testing is required for a patient who wears contact lenses; therefore, most insurance companies treat contact lens services as an additional and separate evaluation from the eye examination.

At what age can the doctor give my child an exam?
The doctor can see infants of any age, especially if you think something is wrong with his or her vision or eyes. Otherwise, children should come in for a routine eye exam before they start school.

Do you have a payment plan? 
Co-pays, office fees, contact lens and glasses orders are due at the time of service and/or ordering.  However, we recommend paying in full to qualify for a 20% day of service discount.

I work full time. How can I make an appointment?
We are always here as long as you need us and we have extended hours that offer appointments as early as 8:30 am and as late as 4:20 pm.

Do I need an appointment to get my glasses adjusted?
Please feel free to stop by whenever it works best for you.

I am in a wheel chair. Can I get an eye exam at your office?
Yes. Our office has an access ramp and the medical equipment is especially designed to accommodate individuals with extra needs.

How long do dilation drops last?
Dilation drops typically last about 4-6 hours. During that time you will be more sensitive to light, and have mild vision changes.

Do you have OTC reading glasses?
No, we do not carry OTC reading glasses. Ulmer’s, Safeway, or NAPA should have a good selection.

Why is Homer Eyecare so expensive; I can get it less at Walmart?
Like many things in life, “cheaper” may not always be the “less expensive” option. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to provide you the best clinical care but also provide the highest quality optical products. Vision is the single most important component of quality lifestyle. You are welcome to shop around, but we are confident in the value we offer to our patients and customers.

Are these lenses UV protected?
All of the lenses sold at Homer Eyecare are UV absorbing lenses.

Can I get a computer Rx?
Absolutely! We prescribe computer specific lenses daily.

What is polarized?
A polarized lens is like having a mini venetian blind built into your lens. It organizes the light, which is coming at you from all angles and only allows light through at one angle which eliminates glare. This is why fishermen can see beneath the surface of the water whereas the others without polarized lenses are unable to see the same thing.

How can you clean these lenses?
We recommend cleaning lenses with Dawn dish soap and warm water. Common demises of lenses include dirty shirt tails and Windex. If you have any additional questions, the opticians are the best individuals to ask.

Do I have to be dilated? We recommend you speak with the doctor at your appointment, but please prepare for either scenario.

Why do I have to fill this out online; do you have a paper form? We do not have a paper form; the information that you are putting in will be uploaded directly into your chart which will shorten your exam time and increase accuracy. If necessary you can come in 15 minutes early for your appointment and one of our patient coordinators will be able to help you complete the form.

Do I pay now, or when I pick up?
If you have insurance, co-pays are due at the time of service.  Self-pay is 100% today for any service and 50% today for any products ordered.  If you desire to take advantage of our 20% day of service discount, we recommend paying your bill in full at your visit.

Can I watch my child during contact lens training?
From our experience, additional people in the exam room can inhibit the learning process. Please give us a little time together, and we will come and get you in a bit to show you what we learned.

Should I wear my contacts in to my exam?
Yes, this will allow us to examine your vision, contact lens fit, and contact lens condition.  Also, please bring in your contact lens case if you don't wear daily lenses. If you are new to our office and you have an existing contact lens prescription, please bring your prescription card or contact lens boxes so we can add that information to your record.

Can I have a box of contact lens solution?
Yes.  We typically have a number of options in clinic.  We recommend you use the brand recommended by the doctor as not all eyes, lenses, and cleaners are compatible.

If I guess while the Doctor or the technicians are taking visual acuities, will it affect my prescription?
Guessing will not affect your prescription. We are determining what your best possible visual acuity for each eye is and we understand that guessing is sometimes part of the process. Squinting, on the other hand, can affect your resultsby affecting the amount of light entering the eye.

Why is my medical history pertinent when it doesn't have anything to do with my eyes?
First of all, everything you disclose is confidential. You're eyes are not an isolated organ. Many drugs, medications, and systemic conditions affect your eyes and vision. In order for the doctor to best serve you and your vision, we need to have an accurate medical history.

What causes Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is largely unknown. Researchers are still studying glaucoma to find causation. They know it is related to ocular hypertension, but not always. It is a complex condition that requires monitoring for early detection.

Can I just get a contact lens prescription instead of the entire exam to save money?
There are many aspects of a routine eye health exam that can be missed with just a contact lens exam. Our doctor performs comprehensive vision and eye health care, which includes checking for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and a multitude of other vision and overall health threatening diseases. A contact lens exam alone is unable to expose other possible vision and health conditions.  Thus, we do not perform contact lens only exams without a comprehensive eye exam within the last year.

Can I just get a glasses prescription instead of the entire exam to save money?
There are many aspects of a routine eye health exam that can be missed when we just do a refraction. Our doctor performs comprehensive vision and eye health care, which includes checking for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and a multitude of other vision and overall health threatening diseases. A refraction alone is unable to expose other possible vision and health.  Thus, we do not perform refractions alone without a comprehensive eye exam within the last year.

My insurance is through VSP. Are you accpeng them?
Yes! - We have finished negotiations with VSP and are now happy to submit to your insurance