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Emergency Services

Homer Eyecare offers 24 hour/7 day per week on-call service for eye emergencies. If at any time you experience a critical eye emergency, places call us at 907-299-6520 to initiate care.

Eye emergencies can cause minor to severe symptoms, but if not treated quickly many conditions can permanently affect vision or cause vision loss. One of the most common situations we come across in our fishing community is metal foreign bodies from welding or boat building. If not removed quickly, the rusting metal can permanently alter visual clarity.

How do I recognize an eye emergency or injury?

Sudden vision loss/sudden blurry or hazy vision

Curtains in vision


Flashes of light

Eye pain

Eye infections/ Pink Eye

Ocular Allergies/redness/irritation

Drainage or discharge from the eye


Dry eye

Foreign body sensation



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